Creating A Gallery Wall

It is no wonder that so many of us appreciate and might even be awed by art gallery walls. As popular as they are, gallery walls have grown significantly in popularity over the past several years. They offer a fun and easy way to update interiors, transform bland walls, create a focal point in your […]

Entryway Decoration Ideas that Make a Stunning First Impression


Your guiding principle for being exceptionally artistic and daring when it comes to your home entryway should be always to make a good first impression. This aphorism should inspire bold and innovative ideas when it comes to decorating your entryway, or foyer.  Keep in mind that an entryway also serves a practical purpose. To begin […]

Interior Design Trends for 2021

After what has been largely for many of us a dreary, the depressing year 2020, it is no surprise that homebuyers and homeowners are tending toward bright, festive colors to adorn their walls and accent their furniture.  As there didn’t seem much worth celebrating this past year, is it no wonder that consumers are looking […]

Fall is Here… Part 2: More Fall Favorites!

master bedroom

When I think of Fall and the slight chill in the air, it makes me think of those Great rooms and Family rooms and gathering in front of a warm fire, or a favorite tv show or movie snuggled upon our favorite upholstered seating options, a warm blanket throw to warm our toes, and a great throw […]

Fall Inspiration


Fall is here.. there is a chill in the air and the seasons and the leaves are changing… I love the changing of the seasons, and that is why I love Design and Retail so much. It is continually in motion and changing. There are so many new things to keep up with, but that […]

Setting the Ambiance

elegant and fresh outdoor living

Entertaining should be fun… Make your dinner memorable, it really is “All In The Details” Set the mood with your table… Remember, we experience with our eyes then our taste buds.  A centerpiece doesn’t have to be elaborate. Fresh cut flowers in a mason jar are cute but tie the jar with a scrap of […]