Fall Inspiration

October 4, 2018

Fall is here.. there is a chill in the air and the seasons and the leaves are changing…

I love the changing of the seasons, and that is why I love Design and Retail so much. It is continually in motion and changing. There are so many new things to keep up with, but that is the part of the journey that I am drawn to.

So, what does that mean to me and our team here at Details? It means it is time to change our summer décor, to prepare for the coming months indoors more than out. It is a time for hosting family and friends, for indoor gatherings and to prepare our interior spaces for cocooning  inside until we emerge again in the Spring, just like the changing leaves! How do we do that? I will give you a list of some of our favorite things that we have brought in for fall updates in Home Décor and Fashion.

The leaves are changing and starting to fall, we begin to bring the outdoors in, in the form of florals, as well as our interior scents.  Containers that are popular for this fall are mostly simple, such as jars, or jars with metal webbing, and are beautiful with just a couple of floral stems! Our staff is great at helping put arrangements together for you, and you can take them home and tell everyone that you did it yourself!  Accenting with white trays, platters or our whimsical and fun line of trays and accent pieces make the colors pop and add some wit and whimsy to your fall décor and gatherings!

We have brought in our all-time favorite fall scent again, Rewined Spiked Cider, but with a twist!

The Oak Barrel holder holds the same scent as the original candle,

but adds a natural wood accent for your fall décor. We love these for ourselves, but they bring smiles to those that we choose to gift them to as well. It is a favorite hostess or birthday gift!  The original glass recycled wine bottle candles are a Details favorite, especially for fall, with the wine-inspired scents.  My other personal favorite other than spiked cider is Cabernet!

Scents are an amazing way to warm up your home, create instant ambiance, and welcome people into your home! We have many lines of candles to find the perfect scent that will set the tone for you and your home, but one of my other personal favorites is a diffuser in place of candles that you do not have to worry about blowing out, it is always diffusing your favorite scents, and only needs to be refilled or turn the wooden scented sticks! We have several diffusers in stock, but my personal favorite is our Lafco line, and in particular, the Amber Black Vanilla or Chamomile Lavender! I like to put it in the usual places: Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, but I just started putting one in my entry to my home and I love the reactions of guests as they enter and immediately notice the welcoming scent! As an added bonus,

Lafco Candle holders and diffusers are all made of gorgeous and individually colored per scent, hand blown art glass.  These are beautiful and functional in our decor and are a sophisticated accent wherever you choose to use them.. and re-use them!  As an added note, their wax blend is soy, which is naturally derived from vegetables and 100% biodegradable. Lafco also has a room spray that can be used for a quick room scent update!

Another staff favorite is the Dutch House Caramels and the most amazing Caramel sauces from Caramel Kitchen in Coeur d’Alene. A perfectly pleasant fall treat with many versatile uses. We will have these available for purchase in-store as well as at the Fall Home Show this weekend at the Trac; Friday 10-7pm, Saturday 10-7pm and Sunday 10-4pm.

Come see us at booth F-1! 

Stay tuned for Fall is here- Part 2: more fall favorites, updates and new “must have”  products, including Must have Fall apparel and new jewelry lines for you or for gifting!!