Fall is Here… Part 2: More Fall Favorites!

October 18, 2018
master bedroom

When I think of Fall and the slight chill in the air, it makes me think of those Great rooms and Family rooms and gathering in front of a warm fire, or a favorite tv show or movie snuggled upon our favorite upholstered seating options, a warm blanket throw to warm our toes, and a great throw pillow which doubles as a great décor accent, as well as a soft spot for cocooning.

We have plenty of both for this fall season and beyond.

 The next thing that completes the cozy fall interior is Lighting! This may not be the first thing that comes to mind, and maybe it is my Construction background, but the layering of light and the ability to dim lighting is nothing but cozy and inviting. 

When I design homes, there are so many options for layering of lights and different types of lighting: Task, general, and accent are the 3 main types of lighting that we deal with.  The lighting that you already have in your home might be primarily task, or general lighting, in that it is a generic can light or surface mount that provides general lighting, generally in a downward fashion.  This often leaves a dark ceiling, or dark areas on the perimeter

 of your spaces.  This is where a great chandelier type light or floor or accent lamp might come in handy to light up the dark days of fall and winter, or to keep the cozy feel of low lit areas, but add specific lighting in areas for reading or homework, while others enjoy watching television, or low light levels in other areas of your space! Of course I love chandeliers or lights that throw a lot of light “around” the room and up on the ceiling and can really light up an entire room and add definition and style to any space! Throw a dimmer on a chandelier and you have the ultimate in lighting options for any space.  We love our lighting and have a wide variety in stock, and can custom order whatever you are looking for!

Floor and table lamps are central to a living room or family room when wanting to keep those low light levels and not overhead lighting that will light up the whole space, but still wanting some low level lighting or if you want to read a book, do homework, or simply add a little ambience to an otherwise dark room.  These lights are generally a little more personal in nature to find the perfect height or style, and our Design salespeople can help you find the perfect one for your style, if we don’t have something on the floor! 

Finally, the must have seasonal apparel. Sweaters, tops & bottoms, scarves/hats, and more…. We have new items in weekly to make you feel cozy, warm and all around good; Like the new fall “Love the Tri” gear (just in) and best of all their proceeds go to benefit local charities! 


October 28th- Store will be CLOSED for Holiday decorating.

November 1st– Holiday Open House, all day sales *5pm-9pm wine and refreshments

Stay Tuned for the latest on new arrivals and sales events!