It's All in the Details - Kennewick, WA

It’s all in the Details. What a long name for a store, but there is a story there…

The original name was supposed to just be “Details”. That is what Gretl was looking for when deciding to open a retail storefront.  She wanted to offer things that completed your home’s interior, that added pop of color or style that you had not located yet.  When the name “Details” was already taken, Mrs. Crawford returned to my tagline for my Construction company, Gretl Crawford Homes. It’s All in the Details.

Gretl wanted a store that welcomed you every time that you walked in with items that were pretty. That made people feel good, made people happy, and made people laugh. Great girlfriend cards and gifts, fabulous candle scents that made you reminisce. She also wanted another option away from the mall and an environment for retail therapy within the Tri-cities area which was frankly non-existent.


Gretl Crawford has a degree in Interior Design. She has also have been involved in the Construction and decorating world in the Tri-Cities for over 20 years. Couple that with a personal love of shopping, and all things that a boutique store can give you!

As a builder, Gretl has been participating in the furnishing of the Parade of Homes houses for over 20 years. As well, she works with clients to fill their own homes. For years she scrambled all over the state to try to find unique items to fill homes. There was hardly anything local to purchase in the way of furniture and home accessories. It was such a desperate need, that she felt, that it was time for me to open such a store that could fill a need in this area.

A Unique Experience

Gretl does not love going to the Mall.  The parking is crazy, there are people everywhere, and they are primarily chain stores, nothing unique! That is what she wanted… something hand-curated for our local market and wonderful customers!

In addition, they were also in desperate need of a great gift store, other than Target. Mrs. Crawford wanted a place that would fill the need of finding a unique and wonderful gift for a friend or family member. A pick me up that made someone’s day, or a girlfriend gift that makes you laugh! She wanted to do that, too.

Its All in the Details opened in May of 2015, not entirely sure of our final destination. Since then, they have evolved into a women’s apparel store and also selling great lighting for your home, as well.

They have designers on staff at It’s All in the Details (Kennewick, WA) that are amazing and ready to help you “feather your nest”! 

4504 W 26th Ave. Kennewick

Gretl Crawford

Inspired Living

If there is one thing to know about Gretl Crawford, Founder of It’s all in the Details (Kennewick, WA), it’s that she sees a project from the big picture down to the smallest detail. Hence the store’s name. The idea for the store sprang from her work as a contractor and interior designer. Gretl J Crawford began in 1998 and since then, she’s always been asked about her beautiful details, fixtures, and unique touches she adds to the spaces she helps create. Naturally, she wanted to help people find those treasures for their own homes.

Now, Gretl has created a special boutique here in the Tri-Cities where people can go to find those same finishing touches Gretl adds to her homes. As well, It’s All in the Details in Kennewick has many other unique finds. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for that “hard to buy for” friend or relative-or you just want to come to spend time in a cozy place and welcoming like the homes Gretl builds!