Setting the Ambiance

June 25, 2018
elegant and fresh outdoor living

Entertaining should be fun… Make your dinner memorable, it really is “All In The Details” Set the mood with your table… Remember, we experience with our eyes then our taste buds.

 A centerpiece doesn’t have to be elaborate. Fresh cut flowers in a mason jar are cute but tie the jar with a scrap of fabric or twine and it adds texture. Cut some greens from the shrubs in your yard and put them in a pretty vase to add some natural elements. Visit “Details” to find your inspiration piece or scour your house for elements to use. Lanterns and garden statuaries can make a great garden themed table. Looking for a more elegant table? Mix crystal candlesticks of varying heights. Use all-white for a dramatic effect or add a pop of color for the surprise. Really, let your imagination run wild… I always remember my first lunch at a Ritz Carlton, they use Cobalt Bluewater glasses. That simple touch made the table so memorable.

Create interest with your tableware, use different textures, shapes, and sizes. Don’t forget to add layers, placemats, chargers, and different sized plates. You can use fabric napkins or paper napkins just make them special. Instead of a charger use a wood slab or slate tile or even an artificial wreath. Use craft paper for your placemat, you can use a sharpie to write your guest name or for a casual event, write a “what would you do? The question under the plate. That is a great conversation starter. Remember it’s okay to mix fine crystal with melamine or your china with mason jar glasses. Elevate your mason jar with a colorful paper straw. Make your china more casual by using a burlap table runner or the placemat. You can have a monochromatic table that can be just as interesting as a bright and colorful table…. For a neutral table setting use flowers to set the mood… Use all white flowers but different varieties and don’t forget the greenery this will break up the whites. Add some white linens, some white dishes, and some candles for ambiance.

Let your table setting be the introduction to your meal… Think outside of the box… Cutting boards make great serving platters. Serve a piece of smoked salmon, a side of cream cheese with a sliced baguette, sprinkle a few capers and lemon slices. You now have an elegant appetizer with hardly any effort. Trays are not just for serving, use them to display decoration which makes it easily movable at mealtime. Arrange candles and flowers on a serving tray, you can use books to create interest and add height where needed. Use pedestals or lifts to get some height with your serving dishes, not only does it create interest, it creates space. Turn a bowl upside down and place the platter on top to get an instant pedestal. Fabrics can be used to create interest, use a runner, place mat, or puddle fabric under a buffet setting.

Buffet Tables are another place to showcase your creativity. Start by creating space for food platters, place them at different heights. Next fill in with your decoration, this can be jars, vases, candles even art on an easel can work in a buffet setting. Remember to leave room for plates, utensils and napkins.Find your décor inspiration in your meal plan. An Italian Dinner or Wine night use those empty wine bottles, fill them with twinkle lights, use them as a candle stick or find a bottle topper tray at “Details” to serve that fancy cheese. Having a BBQ just because its casual doesn’t mean you have to forgo style, use baskets and casual fabric to showcase your grilling skills. Taco night grab that blanket you brought home from Mexico on your last vacation and use as a table cloth, and fill cylinders with limes. Do you see where I’m going with this, there are no rules and a little thought goes a long way when entertaining. Let me finish exactly where I started…

Entertaining should be fun!